Voters Overwhelmingly Reject Change to Rent Control Effort by Landlords


Voters Overwhelmingly Voted NO on Question A, a Proposed Change Supported by Landlords in Portland.

Portland voters overwhelmingly voted against Question A – An Act to Amend Rent Control and Tenant Protections – according to the city clerk who issued an unofficial report this evening.  Voters said No to Question A by 66.5% to 33.3% or 7,740 votes against Question A to only 3,872 votes in support of Question A.

This blogger found the slick and frequent maiings to Portland voters supportng Question A to be misleading, tone deaf and frankly arrogant.  All this while  rental options in Portland are inadequate and  as the number of homeless people escalates dramatically.

The Portland School Budget also passed – 75.7% voted for the school budget and 20.9% against the proposed budget.  In other words, 8,811 voters supported the school budget and 2,428 voters voted against the school budget.

Interim Co-Superintendents and the Portland Board of Public Education issued a lengthy statement thanking city voters for their overwheming approval of the $143.8 million budget for the fiscal year 2024 The statement said in part:

“We are deeply grateful to Portland voters for approving our school budget for the 2023-2024 school year.  The passage of the budget will now allow us to keep our focus on teachng and learning for the new school year………..”