Rare Opportunity for Young Track Club Members; This Afternoon


By Carol McCracken  (Post # 543)

The Portland Recreation Track Club has announced a unique two – part opportunity for its  young members this afternoon, Tuesday, August 10, starting at 5 pm at Fitzpatrick Stadium,  Deering Avenue.

Track club members will be joined by world class athletes for practice and a trail run around Mackworth Island.  Athletes from Kenya, many of whom competed in this year’s  Beach to Beacon race, will share their stories about life as a competitive runner with the club.  The children will have the chance to run laps and hear suggestions and tips on how to improve their running from these world’s top comptetitors. 

The Portland Recreation USA Track and Field Developmental Summer Programs trains more than sixty chkldren ages six to fourteen to compete in track events throughout the summer.  The program ends this Saturday with State Championships at Cony High School.  In just a year,  the program more than doubled its enrollment.

At 6:30 pm.,  children with have a trail run with star athletes around Mackworth Island.