‘Uncommon Paws’ Expanding to Meet Needs of Canine Owners


Floyd, a Rescue from Tennessee, Poses for His Owner, at Uncommon Paws, 13 Exchange Street,  Today. (Photo by Michael Grover, a Professional Photographer)

Dog Treats at Uncommon Paws, 13 Exchange Street, Old Port, to be Expanded Soon.

Ruger, A Hunting Dog, Named for the Ruger Red Hawk, a Pistol Once Manufactured in New Hampshire, Where Ruger and His Owners  Reside.

Less than a year after it’s opening, Uncommon Paws, a doggie boutique, is in the process of expanding its product line by at least 30% said Gudrun Cobb, owner this afternoon. While the first quarter of the year in the Old Port of Portland is notoriously slow, Cobb is pushing ahead for her expansion  plans she hopes will be completed in the next several months.

Prior to opening her boutique, Cobb had a successful business making dog collars, leases and harnesses from her Portland home.  She makes them in all sizes and a wide variety of designs.  For years, she sold them at juried shows all over New  England.  In fact, some of her customers who have found her new boutique in the Old Port were customers of hers from the juried shows in which she has participated in the past.   The location is 13 Exchange Street.

But now its times to expand to meet the needs of canine owners.  That expansion will include more dog treats, feeding bowls and beds.  She will also be displaying the art work and photography of some local artists. While some stores are having seasonal sales, there is nothing seasonal about dog owners and their shopping for their pets. In fact, keeping the store properly supplied has, at times, been a challenge for Cobb and her husband.  There is a small cat cabinet for feline owners.

This afternoon Eric and his wife from New Hampshire, owners of Ruger, a hunting dog arrived at Uncommon Paws with a particular need.  Ruger needed a special neon harness that he’d been unable to find elsewhere.  Cobb was able to come up with the solution for which  Eric had been searching.

For more information, please visit gudrun@uncommonpaws.com. Please also see prior post herein on November 21, 2017 on the  opening of ‘Uncommon Paws’