Trumpy and First Lady Test Positive for COVID-19; Some October Surprise


Trumpy’s Struggle to Stay Afloat During the Pandemic was the Cover of a TIME Magazine  in August 2020 Will be More Complicated Now That He Has Been Tested Positively for it.

Yours Truly Wearing a “DUMP TRUMP” Face Mask.

Trumpy and the First Lady of the United States have tested positive for the COVID-19 it was announced early this morning according to a report by the AP.  The news follows a recent report that his aide  Hope Hicks had tested positive for the coronavirus and was tweeted by Trumpy around 1:00 am.

Trumpy, 74, overweight, and male,  has repeatedly refused to wear a face mask in public places and mocked others for doing so.   Those factors put him at an especially high risk of complications for the disease according to current information available to the public.  Most recently, Trumpy mocked former VP and Democratic candidate for President Joe Biden at their Tuesday debate in Ohio for wearing a mask.  It wasn’t the first time he has done that to Biden.

Trumpy has been critized by many in the public health sector for not setting an example to the public by wearing a face mask in public – considered the current best protection against contacting the COVID-19.   He’s been especially criticized for conducting massive rallies to support his re-election bid and not encouraging participants to wear face masks and maintain safe distances from each other. This development most likely will put another damper on his re-election bid for obvious reasons.

However, Trumpy cannot with creditability  blame the Democrats and the press for creating a “hoax” this time.  It appears to the AP to be “real” and not “fake” news.

Will other members of the Trumpy family be required to isolate themselves?   How many members of the White House staff and cabinet members have been exposed to the COVID-19 and will require isolation?  Some think that it was only a matter of time before Trumpy was infected because of his reckless life style and stupid disregard for science during this pandemic.

Will VP Pence be authorized to step in and take over during the anticipated quarantine of Trumpy and the First Lady?  Or has he been exposed and require quarantining?  Who do the business of running the country on a daily business?  Can any information that comes forward from the White House on the matter be trusted when Trumpy has a reputation for lying.

Trumpy is supposed to have mild, cold like symptoms.  Maybe it’s time to try a high octane bleach cocktail? Hmm?