Trump Adds Tariffs for Imports; Exempts Canada and Mexico for Now


Trickly Shows the  Proclamation  at the 3:30 pm Press Conference at the White House Today.  He Took No Questions on Other Subjects; Like Stormy Daniels.

Locally Brewed Beer For Sale at Hannaford Brothers, Forest Avenue.

Succumbing to pressure, Tricky Trump announced this afternoon that he will – for now – exempt Canada and Mexico from new tariffs he signed into place at a politically savvy press conference with steel workers and some of his crooked cabinet behind him.  The press conference was hurried so that Twisted can show off the signed Proclamation when he makes a ‘rally the base’ trip to the Pittsburgh area on Saturday.

Tricky blamed past politicians for treating Americans “badly”  and allowing countries to “take our jobs away.”   Those politicians “betrayed” the people who built this nation.  Trickly said it was his job to keep people safe and that included jobs.

He said that Canada and Mexico will be exempt from the tariffs during the negotiations on NAFTA.  The future of those negotiations will impact the outcome of the tariff exemptions for those two countries. Tricky also said that other allies who treat the US well and negotiate in good faith could be exempt from the tariffs as well.   Huh??

Critics of the new tariffs have pointed to the inevitably of a trade war and accused Twisted of lashing out like an angry child.  It was also allegedly the last straw for Gary Cohn, national economic advisor, who recently resigned from the White House and was among the many who disagreed with the Tricky policy.

“While the majority of can sheet aluminium (used for beer cans) comes from the United States, breweries are manufacturing facilities and the vast majority of equipment that comprises a brewhouse is steel.  Maine craft breweries generally oppose any action that would result in increased prices for brewers and their customers,” wrote Sean Sullivan, Executive Director of the Maine Brewers’ Guild, in an email to this blogger.

A manager at Hannaford Brothers on Forest Avenue said he did not know yet whether these tariffs would increase the price of beer there.  “I don’t know yet.  It’s possible,” he said.

“President Trump once said:  ‘I alone can fix it.’  Looks like he may have to.  No one else seems to be sticking around,” is a quote from The New York Times, front page in an article written by Peter Baker and Maggie Haberman today.