Three Masted Ship RawFaith To Winter In Portland; Sail Casco Bay This Spring..


Dan Haley, Jr. Dan Haley, Jr.

RawFaith At Sunset

RawFaith At Sunset By Carol McCracken (Post # 378)

Last October, George McKay, Captain of the RawFaith, sailed into Portland Harbor to find refuge from almost 6 ft. high seas and to repair the damage to his 118 ft. ship. He had been on his way to Salem, Massachusetts. Since that time, the RawFaith has been berthed at Portland Yacht Services at the bottom of the Hill. Captain McKay told this and much more to the Portland Harbor Commission yesterday afternoon. He was invited to the meeting to give the Commission an “overview” of the status of his family-built 3 masted ship, RawFaith.

Captain McKay said it was not his intention to remain at the exposed “PYS” location where he currently is located. That’s because of the exposure to storms at this location. The Captain said that Monday night’s storm tossed water up over his topsides and onto the decks of the seven year old RawFaith – the storm was that severe. Phin Sprague, Jr., owner of PYS told the Commissioners that he was “satisfied personally that the boat will not move. It’s tied to land.”

In the meantime, Captain McKay has discussed the possibility of docking the RawFaith at Roger Hale’s Sturdivan Wharf. According to Sprague, Sturdivan Wharf is “the calmest place in the Harbor.” However, before that move can be made, Capain McKay needs to secure liability insurance for anyone who boards his RawFaith. Dan Haley, retired from Haley Insurance Co. located on the Hill and a commissioner had some practical suggestions for the Captain on how to approach the subject with insurance companies.

The Captain’s ultimate goal is to sail to Brazil to have the bottom of the ship copper plated. In the meantime, he plans to take wheelchair bound patients and their families sailing this summer in Casco Bay.

Meantime, Sprague who has frequently come to the aid of sailors and their boats said, “I’d prefer to see RawFaith find another berth, but it won’t be moved on my watch. I can’t see a better alternative.”