Thompson’s Point Hotel Reviewed at Planning Board Workshop


A Rendering of Hotel Portland with the Proposed Childrens’ Museum on the Right.

Another View of the Proposed Hotel With the Indoor Swimming Pool Shown at Far Right, One Story Building.

Plans for Hotel Portland, a “unique hotel experience” at Thompson’s Point, were revealed this afternoon at a workshop before the planning board.  The l48 room hotel has a  indoor swimming pool, a rooftop deck open to the public and a restaurant on the first floor.  Plans  were greeted with enthusiasm by the board, despite several areas of concern.

The hotel was originally to have been situated in a different area of the 30 plus acres.This site, south of Brick South, will take advantage of that proximity to Brick South and the Chldrens’ Museum.  Brick South is expected to be used as a conference center – space that is clearly lacking in Portland and has been detrimental to the local economy.  Conference planners have testified in other forums that they’ve had to turn away large convention planners because of a lack of accommodations.

A wide corridor connects the hotel to the Museum as well.  It is wide enough, 11 ft. wide,  to accommodate bikers as well, since there will be no specific bike lane on it. (See above left photo.)  Thompson’s Point borders the Fore River as well as the Transportation Center on the other side.

Questions remain about “up-lighting” of the hotel, noise abatement from the nearby Jetport and a schedule of construction for the hotel and Museum so that it’s not all happening at the same time.

It was decided that this hotel is ready to go to a public hearing.  Chris Thompson and Jeb Troubh are developers of the property.

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