Tenants at 23 Madison Street Sleep Through Early AM Gunshot Noise


23 Madison Street, East Bayside

By Carol McCracken  (Post # 1,475)

A tenant at 23 Madison Street in East Bayside heard a commotion outside his home early this morning.  The tenant said he heard running and other noise, but it didn’t surprise him because that happens often in  cities. He fell back to sleep and later woke up following a gunshot that entered the brown house he is house sitting for a friend at one end and exited the house on the other side – narrowly missing the tenant and his young daughter who were sleeping on the first floor at the time. The city estimates that to have happened at 4:25 am according to a press release it issued.

According to the tenant who would not give his name, the bullet(s) went right over his chest and over the head of his daughter before lodging itself in the opposite wall.  As the bullet(s) entered the well-maintained house, it hit a ceiling light fixture which changed the bullet’s  trajectory, the tenant said.  Perhaps that saved two lives.  The tenant said that neighbors called 911, but in a brief check, none could be found who called 911 or even knew of the incident.

The tenant said the police believe that it was a random and reckless shot. It was not intentionally directed at anyone in the brown house which appears to be a single-family house.  The tenant  acknowledged he’d had little sleep since the incident and people had been at the house much of the day – some of them police and a detective as well as the local press – to whom he exhibited anger, although not at mhn.com  A significant amount of anger was expressed toward a local television reporter and camera man who wanted to interview the tenant.

Police are seeking assistance from anyone who may have witnessed the incident.