Teens Night at the Portland Public Library; Tonight


By Carol McCracken  (Post # 552)

For the first time, teens have been invited to spend a fun evening  at the Portland Public Library. The first time event happens tonight Thursday, August 19, at the Portland Public Library, 5 Monument Square from 7 pm – 9 pm.  Hosting this new event, are the Portland Police Department and library staff.

Both will keep the library open tonight after its normal closing hour for teens to enjoy a fun and safe environment and hang out with friends on a warm summer night.  Computers will be available for surfing the net, a movie will be playing in the lounge, an area has been reserved to play video and board games and there will be an open mike spot for teens to play music or perform.  Food and refreshments will be provided.

“Teen Night is a great way for the Police Department and the Portland Library to work together to ensure that our youth have fun and safe places to go at night,” stated Officer Raymond Ruby, Youth Services Officer.  “The event also gives us officers a chance to forge relationships with local teens that are built on trust and support.”  Nicole Clegg, director of communications for the city, said:  “Certainly the new space makes it easier and more attractive for young adults to want to spend a summer night there.”

More than 25 young adults have RSVP’d for the two hour event.