Tandem Mobility Bikeshare Program Coming to Portland in Late July


Tandem Mobility, a full service micromobiilty operator, is launching Portland Bikeshare this summer.  The new program will offer 150 traditional geared cruiser bikes and 50 electric- assist bikes at dedicated parking hubs across Portland.  Bikes will be available to rent 24/7 via a smartphone app.  The program represents a public-private partnership among the City of Portland, Tandem Mobility and funding sponsors.  This will be Portland’s first bikeshare program.

Early planning efforts kicked off in January 2022.  Once funding commitments were secured in May, Tandem Mobility moved quickly to operationalize the program to meet the City’s goal for a summer launch.  Bikes are expected to be rolled out in late July 2022.

A combination of sponsor funding and rider revenue will ensure a financially sustainable program, which is anticipated to operate for an initial 3 year term.  Regular evaluation of success metrics will determine if any adjustments are needed as demand and goals evolve according to a press release issued by the company late last week.

“I know in bigger cities bikeshare programs can be a  quicker and more affordable way to get around.  I’ve used bikeshare in Washington, D.C. and New York city and found bikeshare to be a fun and helpful way to navigate a city,” said Henry Arron, a resident of Munjoy HIll.

“We prioritize collaboration throughout our bikeshare launch process and for the lifetime of our contract with the city and sponsors.  That collaboration ensures alignment between  community goals and system design and results in a program that positively impacts the community.  This has been a really dynamic exciting partnership with the City of Portland and our co-founding sponsors, MaineDOT and Point32Health.  We couldn’t be more excited to see this program come to life.”  Keli Hoyt-Rupert, CEO & Founder, Tandem Mobility.

More information will become available as the launch date approaches.

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