State Releases List of Those Receiving $ in First Round of Grant Funds Distribution


Outdoor Drinkers at Via Vecchia, 10 Dana Street, This Evening. Where Heat Lamps are in Use;  Said they Work if the “Wind is Blowing in the Right Direction.”  It is Part of the Miranda Group That Received Funds from the Mills Administration’s  First Round of Disbursements.

One of the Cars of the Maine Narrow Gauge Railroad. Early in the 1990s, it Was Trucked up from the Edaville Railroad, Plymouth, MA., Where it Had Been Stationed.  It is a Recipient of Grant Money.

Late this afternoon the State issued the list of businesses and non-profits who have been notified they are recipients of funds from the Mills Administration through the Federal Cares Act Coronavirus Relief Funds (CRF).

There were 2,329 awards that included 2,072 going to small businesses and 257 going to non-profits for a total of $105 million.  Awards average just over $45,000 per award as reported in the previous post herein.

Some of the recipients of funds in the Portland area are listed below, but it is far from a complete list of the southern part of Maine.  They are listed randomly and in no particular order.

Center for Grieving Children, Dogfish Cafe, Lovell Designs, MK Kitchen, The Snug, Pinetree & Chickadee, Sail Maine, Maine Writers & Publishers, the Prentice Organization, Bramhall Pub, Mayo Street Arts, Swiss Time, The Blue Lobster, Maine & Loire, Narrow Gauge Railroad, Greater Portland Landmarks, Float Harder Relaxation Center, Tate House, Rivalries, Novares Res, Tomasos Group, The Miranda Group, NOSH, Munjoy Hill Media, Fetch, Maine Historical Society, The Maine Brew Bus, Becky’s, The Front Room, Uncommon Paws, Grace Group, Hot Suppa, Mami Food Truck, Peloton Labs, Treehouse Toys, Bunker Brewery, Portland Hunt & Alpine Club, Portland Pilots, Oxbow Brewing Co. Red’s Eats and Lisa-Marie’s Made in Maine, Ten Exchange Street.

This is a partial list – only because got weary of looking at the long list – and many names in the Portland area were unfamiliar.

For more background information on the distribution by the Mills Administration, please visit the prior post herein dated October 15, 2020.