Mills and Frey Announce Mifepristone Remains Available Without New Restrictions Following Federal Court Decision


Governor Janet T. Mills (D) and Attorney General Aaron Frey announced tonight that mifepristone will remain legal and accessible in Maine without the restrictions enacted by the Fifth Court of Appeals following a decision from US District Court Judge Thomas Rice of the Eastern District of Washington today.

Judge Rice tonight issued an order in response to the US Department of Justice asking how the US Food and Drug Administration should respond to his decision to keep mifepristone on the market in more than a dozen states, including Maine.  In his order, the Judge stated that mifepristone must remain available in the District of Columbia and 17 states that were party to the suit, including Maine, without the restrictions directed by the Fifth Circuit until and unless a higher court rules otherwise.  The State of Maine is party to the suit thanks to Attorney General Frey.

“I am grateful to Attorney General Frey for intervening in the Washington State case.  As a result of this action and the ruling from the Judge in Washngton State, mifepristone will remain legal in Maine without the baseless and scientifically unsound restrictions ordered by the Fifth Court of Appeals,” said Governor Janet T. Mklls.  “At a time when the reproductive rights of women are under constant attack, this is welcome, positive news and a relief – particularly when it comes to protecting the health and welfare of Maine women, especially those who live in rural areas of our state.  My Adminisration will continue to work closely with the office of the Attorney General to fight back against those who will not rest until the reproductive rights of women are completely stripped awaya.”

“I am immensely grateful to have joined with this coalition of states to secure this win for Maine,” said Attorney General Frey.  “While this ruling is likely not the end of the battle, I hope this decision will provide some assurance to the people of Maine that we wlll continue to fight for their rights to make decisions about their bodies, their families and their futures.”