Standoff on Cedar Street Ends After 6 Hours; One Woman Injured


A Sniper Atop the Public Market Parking Garage

Police Chief Michael Sauschuck Briefs the Press

19 Cedar Street Following the Standoff

By Carol McCracken (Post # 1,131)

Just before 5:30 pm this afternoon the Portland Swat Team removed a man from 19 Cedar Street on the East End and took him into custody. He’d been hold up in the mustard color house since this morning after shooting a woman passing by the house outside. At 5:00 pm, Police began shooting off cannisters of tear gas which could be heard all over the neighborhood; a total of 6 were shot off.

Police Chief Michael Sauschuck briefed the press on Cumberland Avenue at 4:40 pm. The police department received a phone call at 11:05 am saying that a woman had been shot and was “bleeding heavily.” He did not know of the relationship between the woman and the alleged shooter in the house. At that time, Sauschuck said police were “having a conversation with a gentleman involved in the shooting.” Police had closed off an extensive perimeter around the 19 Cedar Street location.

It appears that the woman was shot by a pellet gun which could be part of a rifle. She will survive. There were reports that she was shot about 10:20 am. Residents in the immediate area were evacuated from their homes while there was a lockdown at Portland High School and the Salvation Army. Students were at PHS taking SAT tests, but were released from the back door into the back yard where they participated in a planned barbeque.

At 5:30, police removed the yellow tapes and traffic returned to normal. Shortly after that, residents of the 19 Cedar Street house began returning to the building and the street was opened up to traffic.

editor’s note: Due to an unexpected power loss, earlier this week, lost two articles which has not been retrievable. One was on the latest on the development of the former Adams School and the other on the training session sponsored by the Harbor Commission for waterfront captains.