Stand in Solidarity at City Sweep of Harbor View Memorial Park Tomorrow at 7:00 am


A Rainy Day at Harbor View Memorial Park Near the Casco Bay Bridge  Caused a Delay in the Sweep of the Huge Encampment Until Tuesday, January 2, 2024 at 7:00 am.

Director of the City’s Public Works Department Mike Murray at an “Encampment” Site Earlier This Year..  A Long-Time City Employee, he Formerly Served as the City Manager’s Representative to Peaks Island. More Recently he Served  as the “Brutish”  Gatekeeper to   Mayor Michael Brennan’s City Hall Office.

Portland City Manager Danielle West has ordered city staff to destroy the possessions and the community of our homeless neighbors at Harbor View Memorial Park tomorrow at 7:00 am; Tuesday, January 2, 2024. The shelter at Riverside is overcrowded and those who live in Harbor View out of necesity will have no where to turn for shelter.

The public is being asked to show solidarity with these folks and take a stand against the unhuman destruction of a community.

The group will meet at 6:30 am on Commercial Street directly under the Casco Bay Bridge.  The bulldozing starts at 7:00 am.   The purpose is to help these folks where possible.  Organizers have requested that those in attendance wear black. according to a press release issued by the Maine Democratic Socialists of America this afternoon.

The city has delayed this sweep twice.  On December 21, 2023 the Portland City Council voted 7 – 2 to delay the sweep until December 28th.  Bulldog Dion, Mayor, of Portland was one of two city councilos who voted against the delay to December 28.  The Thursday, December 28, 2023 sweep was delayed at the last minute because it was a rainy day – a detriment to city staff.

Many social service agencies and concerned area residents are opposed to the city’s brutal sweeps of these tent villages.  Medical evidence reported previously herein indicates that sweeping encampments such as this one can shorten the lives of its residents.

Will you be there?