‘Souls of Portland’ to Begin Catch Up in Ad Campaign on Referendum – “Soon”

Dennis Bailey, Media Consultant, for the "Souls" Anti-Growth Campaign.

Dennis Bailey, Media Consultant for the “Souls” Anti-Growth Campaign. Bailey Owns Savvy, Inc. and Lives on Munjoy Hill.

By Carol McCracken  (Post # 2,440)

“Both sides are doing what they can to raise enough money to get their message out to voters of Portland,” said Anne Rand, spokes woman for the Souls, this morning over the telephone.  Rand was referring to an article in the “Portland Press Herald”  today’s local section stating that opponents of the referendum have raised “five times as much money as supporters of Question 2.”  The article says that Portland’s Future Political Action Committee has raised nearly $49,000 compared to the $11,300 raised by the Souls group.  The citizens’ initiative will appear on the November 3rd ballot next month.

The Souls poorly constructed referendum, written by real estate attorney Barbara Vestal, seeks to halt the redevelopment of 58 Fore Street by CPB2 despite the economic boon to the city of Portland and the much needed creation of jobs for that almost ten acres of valuable waterfront property.  The Souls  would rather see the property abandoned and left to decay  than permit it to become a source of great pride to Portland – including the restoration of the historic buildings located on the property. The Souls have a point to make, regardless of the harm it may do to the City now and into the future.

“We are having signs and leaflets  made-up currently and they will soon be available to the public,” said Rand.  She co-owns Dale Rand Printing Co., on Washington Street with her husband Dale.  “Our material is being printed there.  It’s a union shop and of course the Souls are paying our company,” said Rand.  The printed leaflets will be used in a leaflet drop Rand said.   However, an employee of Dale Rand Printing told this blogger that  no order for signs has been placed.  Rather an order for 15,000 post cards has been received.  A bumper sticker saying Y02 has been printed and a small flyer on card board are available at Dale Rand printing or from the Souls.

The supporters of the redevelopment of 58 Fore Street have already completed a mass mailing to Portland voters.  This week supporters also began putting “Vote no On Question 2” signs along the Eastern Promenade and else where in Portland.  The supporters are also available to talk about the redevelopment of 58 Fore Street and its many benefits to the city of Portland and the area generally.