Some Dogs Have It Really Good!

Stunna In His Stroller With Kristina

Stunna In His Stroller With Kristina

By Carol McCracken

“Stunna” has it really good!  His owner, Kristina Troiano, was spotted today pushing him  in a stroller on the Easter Promenade while she ran behind.   Kristina says he can’t walk for long without getting out of breath, so she often gives him a ride while she runs behind him.  Bull dogs are bred so that their faces are pushed in which makes breathing hard for them.

Stunna is nine months old and weighs 53 lbs.  He is overweight Kristina admits, but so far she hasn’t been able to put him on a diet successfully.  She bought him in a pet store in Scarborough.  Kristina says she gets lots of comments from people like – “He has THE life,” she said.  And she doesn’t get tired of these remarks either.

Kristina lived on Vesper Street on the Hill for many years.  “I miss it up here so that’s why I come back,” she said.