Sherman’s Books & Stationery Grand Opening on Saturday, April 12

Jen Dolloff & Josh Christie, General Manager, at Sherman's Books

Jen Dolloff & Josh Christie, General Manager, at Sherman’s Books

By Carol McCracken  (Post # 1,750)

“The reaction has been overwhelmingly positive so far,” said Josh Christie general manager of the newly opened Sherman’s at 49 Exchange Street in Portland’s Old Port.  The fifth Sherman’s to open in Maine did so this past Tuesday.  It was a soft opening.

The grand and official opening will come next Saturday, April 12 from 9 am until 6 pm. Christie promised balloons, special discounts and said a few guests have been invited, but did not elaborate more than that this afternoon as the store was busy with buyers and browsers.  Not all of their stock has arrived yet said Tori Curtis, buyer and merchandizer for the Old Port store.   What has yet to arrive includes books and gifts.

Christie is an avid reader and says he reads about 60 pages an hour.  With the opening of the store he  hasn’t had as much time as possible to devote to one of his favorite hobbies, but that hasn’t stopped him entirely. He just finished reading Michael Lewis’ new and conroversial book “The Flash Boys,” and recommends it highly. (The cost is $27.95.)  “You would think that finance would be the least interesting to read, but Lewis makes it sing,” he said.
“I think its beautiful, bright and great to have some literary energy on Exchange Street.  It’s an easy walk for Munjoy Hill people,” said Kirsten Cappy, a Hill resident. “Being a real reader is about discovering titles and authors you’ve never heard about.  And that only happens in independent bookstores,” she said.  Cappy is a marketer for authors of childrens books. Her company is Curious City located at