Senator Raphael Warnock Projected Winner in Georgia US Senate Race Tonight


Senator Raphael Warnock Projected Winner of Georgia US Senate Race This Evening by MSNBC.

At roughly 10:25 pm., MSNBC projected that Senator Raphael Warnock will be returned to the US Senate from Georgia.  At that hour the Senator who is also a minister had 1,665,281 votes to 1,639,067 votes attributed to Herschel Walker.

Today’s election was a runoff  from last month since neither candidate won a clear majority in that election.

Walker was a Heisman Trophy winner when he was a running back at the University of Georgia.  He played in the NFL for 12 seasons.  Most recently he lived in Texas, but moved to Georgia only 14 months ago as the a hand-picked candidate of Donald Trump for this Senate slot.  Trump has received criticism from fellow Republicans for his poor choice of candidates who have been loosers in federal elections this past November.

This reelection of Senator Warnock gives Democrats an even larger majority in the US Senate than they previously held; 51 – 49 is the final tally giving Dems a bigger edge.  “The people have spoken,” said Senator Warnock in his acceptance speech later in the evening.

12/7/22:  According to NBC on-line news today:  “The Trump train is stuck at the station and it was weighed down Tuesday with the new baggage of corporate tax-fraud convictions and a final midterm defeat.”