Sauschuck Names Robert Card as Person of Interest in Lewiston Shooting at Late Night Press Conference


Maine Public Safety Commissioner Michael Sauschuck Held a Brief Press Conference at 11:30 pm Tonight. at the Lewiston City Hall. He Was Formerly the Police Chief in Portland.

Robert Card Has Been Named as a Person of Interest in the Shootings in Lewiston This Evening.  Residents Have Been Told to Shelter in Place.

At a brief press conference held at the Lewiston City Hall at 11:33 pm.,Maine’s Public Safety Commissioner Michael Sauschuck confirmed that Robert Card is a person of interest in the shootings in Lewiston earlier this evening.  Card is from Bowdoin.

Card is in a military reserve unit and as such has received extensive gun handling training and is an instructor in gun handling.  Because he is a fire arms instructor, that adds additional concern for law enforcement as well as the communities affected. It’s also been reported that he may have had recent mental health problems with a possible hospital stay in the very recent past.

Sauschuck would not give out figures on how many deaths have occurred and the number of injured because he said the numbers have been all over the place.  Card’s empty car has been located in Lisbon, which means he’s probably on foot.  It’s assumed he’s on foot because it’s believed he has not found another car.

Residents of Lewiston, Auburn and Lisbon are in lock down and urged not to go out because Card is armed and dangerous and still at large.  A reunification center has been set up in Auburn for those seeking information on the situation.

Presdient Biden, VP Harris and other national figures have been notified of the situation.

An early morning report is that some residents of towns on the Massachusetts border with Maine have been told to shelter in place as well.