Rising Juvenile Drug Trafficking Alarming With Three Teenage Arrests


Portland Interim Assistant Chief Robert Martin at a News Conference on Tuesday, at Portland Police Headquarters, on Middle Street.  To His Right is Mark Dubois, Chief of Police.  This Blogger Doesn’t Know the Identity of the Person on the Right in the Photo.

Portland’s 21st Police Chief Mark Dubois Addresses the Public in the HOT Outdoor Ceremony at Police Headquarters on July 28, 2023 Following his Swearing in Ceremony.

Alarm over a significant rise in drug trafficking by juveniles was the motivation for a press conference at Portland Police Headquarters on Tuesday afternoon. The press conference was the first since Police Chief Mark Dubois was sworn in as the 21st Portland Police Chief on July 28, 2023.

A series of three juveniles arrested since earlier this year who remained unnamed but have been the subject of “high-risk” search warrants and other investigative strategies – leading to the discovery of a significant drug trafficking network were the motivation for the press conference. The drug trafficking network includes houses in Portland, Gray and New Gloucester.  About 100 officers have been involved in this criminal investigation according to Major Martin, a many-year employee of the Portand Police Department.

Straying from his script, Major Martin said that the level of sophistication in these 17 year olds is “dangerous and troubling.”  The level of drugs taken off the streets is mindboggling.”  He described some of the juveniles as “baby-faced” because of their youth.  Major Martin said:  “We know some of these kids are coming here from other states.  These ae kids with a lot of money and coming here with late model cars – expensive cars.  It’s only a matter of time before this crosses over into our schools and homes.”  He urged parents of children:  “If you feel your children are involved, be a good parent and call the Police.  Your child could get killed.”

Going forward, Major Martin, who is the Interim Assistant Chief of Police,  said the Police Department will continue to be pro-active in its efforts to curb this drug epidemic.

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