Public Encouraged to Participate in Launch of School Analysis; Starts Tomorrow


East End Community School was Overbuilt in 2006. Some were critical of using such a scenic location on North Street for an elementary school, saying it would have been better suited for a tax revenue purpose than a school.

“TREAD”, the art installation by artist Andy Rosen, at Low Tide Today. It Shows the Stilts They are On. They are Located Near Ocean Gateway on the Portland Waterfront.

The public is invited to attend the launch of a Portland public school analysis that begins tomorrow, Tuesday, September 4th.  The 2018-19 analysis starts at 6:00 pm at city hall chambers.  A public hearing will immediately follow the workshop.  The public’s input is sought.

The need for the analysis became apparent during the 2019 budget process.  Because of changes in the state school funding formula and increased valuation for the city of Portland there will likely be ongoing reductions in state funding for Portland Public Schools for the near future.

Where do you want these cuts to take place?  What are your priorities? Tomorrow is the first opportunity you’ll have to register your thoughts on the issue.

Following the workshop and public hearing at its meeting tomorrow, the board is expected  to take a vote on a consulting contract to staff a comprehensive review and appoint a commission to oversee the work at its September 26th meeting.  The review ill take place over the fall and into January.

“After a very tough and challenging budget year, we are committed to an extensive look at the enrollment, facility use and demographics identify potential cost-saving effencies,” said Superintendent Xavier Botana.  “I urge the community and our staff to stay involved through out this process.  Important decisions about our school, our school boundaries and out investments will result from this analysis,” said Superintendent Botana in a press release.

Superintendent Botana is proposing the district enter into a contract with Davis Demographics I