Pro-environmentalists Lobby Collins to Oppose Pruitt to Run EPA


Protesters Opposed to the Nomination of Scott Pruitt to Head the EPA This Morning at a Rally.

Jack Mavadones Agrees With the Sentiment of the Rally Outside Senator Collins’ Office This Morning.

“Susan Collins is one of the only Republicans to want to take action to curb climate change.  She has a responsibility to join Senator Angus King (I) in rejecting the nomination of Scott Pruitt to head the EPA, ” Glen Brand, Director of the Maine Chapter of the Sierra Club, told a group of environmental activists this morning in downtown Portland.

Scott Pruitt, as former Attorney General in Oklahoma, sued the EPA fourteen times.  He has been a particularly controversial pick for this position in Maine.  “Block That Pick,” the name of today’s rally in front of the Senator’s office at One Canal Plaza was a reference to the Super Bowl this Sunday, February 5th.

“Mainers are counting on Senator Collins to  reject Trump’s unfit nominee to lead the most important federal agency to protect our climate and health,” Brand said.  “Collins vote on Pruitt will tell us if she will be a true independent voice and stand up against Trump’s radical anti-environmental agenda.

Senator Collins has the opportunity to be a true environmental advocate for the State of Maine by rejecting Pruitt’s nomination.  He is wholly unfit and unqualified to lead the EPA.  Many Republicans hold an aggressive disdain for science, public health and common sense environmental protection.  Senator Collins knows better,” said Nisha Swinton, of Food & Water Watch. “Moving forward any Senator of either party who supports Pruitt’s nomination will be judged as anti-science, anti-health and anti-environmental and be held appropriately accountable by the people.”

“It’s incredibly encouraging to see this many people show up.  Senator Collins, I hope will do the right thing and oppose Scott Pruitt after witnessing all of this public presence, said Andrew LaVogne, of Environment Maine.   When asked during his hearing whether or not he believes in climate change, he said that his opinion is “immaterial” – a statement that sparked a national push back.

The vote is expected to happen next week, although the date has not been announced.