Portland Woman Charged with OUI After Driving Wrong-way on Interstate 295


Late last night, Ellen Honan, 67, of Portland was charged with Operating Under the Influence, Failue to Stop for a Police Officer and Operating the Wrong Way on a divided highway.

This followed the discovery of Honan’s driving northbound in the southbound lane around mile marker 11 around 11:22 pm last night on I-295.  A Trooper in the area was forced to pull into the breakdown lane at mile marker 12 to avoid being hit head on by Honan.  The Officer tried unsuccessfullly to get her to pull her vehilcle over, so he initiated a “precision immobilization technique” (PIT) at mile marker 12.5 northbound.  That disabled the Honan vehicle that was headed in the wrong way and forced it into the center median according to a press release issued by Shannon Moss, Public Information Officer, for the State’s Public Safety Office in Augusta.