Portland Water District Expected to be Working on Hill Through October 2014


By Carol McCracken  (Post #2,124)

The Portland Water District recently announced that it’s water main replacement project on the Hill will continue through October 2014.  Phase 2 of the project is currently underway of the three-phase project.

Gorham Sand & Gravel of Buxton and their subcontractor, Thirsty Turf Irrigation of Portland, have started the process of replacing the water main on Wilson Street from Morning Street to Atlantic Street; Vesper Street from Wilson Street to #33/#36 Vesper Street; O’Brion Street from Wilson Street to Eastern Promenade and Munjoy Street from Wilson Street to #26/#27 Munjoy Street.

Map of the Area to be Affected by Portland Water District Work.

Map of the Area to be Affected by Portland Water District Work.

The contractor will also be installing new service lines from the new water main to the street right-of-way line where they will be connected to the existing service lines running to the buildings.  (The service line from the street right-of-way line to the building remains each property owner’s responsibility.)

To maintain water service to customers during the project, temporary water lines will be run along the sides of the streets with an above-ground service line installed to each building that is connected to the water main being replaced.  (In addition to the locations noted above, #10 Munjoy Street thru #20 Munjoy street will also be connected to the temporary water line.)  This temporary line is typically connected to the internal plumbing system through an outside faucet  (hose bib) on the side of your house or building, if available.  If you have an outside hose bib, please make sure it is functional and accessible.  If you don’t have an outside hose bib, an alternative connection arrangement will have to be made in order to maintain your water service.  The District’s field representative and the contractor will be happy to work with you to make the necessary connection.

We will try to minimize any inconveniences you may experience during this project.  (One inconvenience we may not be able to avoid is running the temporary water main across driveways.  Please be careful not to cut or damage the lines.)  If we need to interrupt your wager service for any reason (excluding emergency situations), we will provide you with a minimum of 48-hours advance notice.  This work, which is the second phase of a three-phase project to be undertaken on Munjoy Hill this year, is important for us to maintain adequate water quality and service in your area.  We appreciate your cooperation. Should you have any questions or comments, please contact me at the phone number of email below.

Sincerely yours,

William E. (Ned) Pierce, P.E.

Project Engineer

Email: npierce@pwd.org

Phone:  523-5233