Portland Police Respond to Two Shootings in Riverton Housing Complex


Police responded to the report of two separate shootings in the Riverton Park Housing Complex that occurred overnight:

The first incident occurred on Friday, September, 2022, just after 8:00 pm when a caller reported hearing several gunshots coming from the area of Springrook Way.  Police found a witness who said vehicles had left the area just after the gunshots were heard.

Police returned to the area just after 3:00 am when a resident of 1 Springbrook Way reported that her window had just been shot out.  While on scene, the Westbrook Police Department informed us that a 20-year old Portland woman had fled to their city after being shot while she was sitting in a car that was parked on Springrook Way.  She was brought to Maine Medical Center for treatment of non-life threatening injuries.

Investigators found several spent casings and discovered that one of the bullets had passed through the wall of a child’s bedroom according to a press release issued this morning by the Portland Police Department.

Investigators are urging anyone with knowledge of these situations to please call (207) 874-8575.