Portland Police Department Reports High Rate of Bike Thefts


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Sixty one (61) bicycles have been stolen in the city of Portland since January 1, 2021 through May 16, 2021 according to a press release issued by the Portland Police Department this morning.

Portland Police detectives are advising that residents do not leave bikes outside even if secured by a lock.  It’s also recommended to take a picture of the bicycle and to record the serial number so that it can be returned to the owner if found.  Often bikes cannot be traced back to anyone without further identifying markings, receipts or proof of purchase or ownership.  Investigators have found that thieves often drive throughout the city to find bikes to sell on Craigs list and other for-sale-by-owner websites. If anyone has witnessed any of these thefts or has other relevant information, please call the Portland Police at:  207 – 874-8575.

An employee at Portland Gear Hub, 155 Washington Avenue on Munjoy Hill, was not surprised to learn of the high number of stolen bikes reported by the Portland Police Department this morning.  He said that people are coming in reporting their loss and asking to post information on a bulletin board inside the non-profit’s retail space.  Bicycles are very much in demand these demands.  The industry shortage has caused a “frantic” buying spree spurred on by opportunities to make a quick buck he said.  He went on to say that demand has been so high because of the excessive demand for outdoor activities caused by the pandemic.  “People are ready to get outside,” he said

Portland Gear Hub doesn’t buy bikes, so it doesn’t get stolen bikes.  People are donating bikes more than normally because they understand there is a real demand for them.

Portland Gear Hub is a non-profit whose income from the sale of donated bikes goes to Camp Ketcha..