Portland Parks Dept. Continues Treatment for Browntail Moth Infestation


A winter survey of the trees within Deering Oaks Park conducted with the help of the Maine Forest Service, showed results that were improved from last year, but still concerning regarding potential Browntail Moth exposure and additional tree decline.

During the week of May 16, 2022, the city’s Parks, Recreation & Facilities Department will be treating infested trees with an organic insecticide through ground spraying misting in the canopy.  Deering Oaks Park will be closed to all guests during the time of actual treatment and for four hours following application.  The application will be directed at each tree canopy during early morning hours (prior to 8:00 am).  Proper signage will be placed around all entrances during this closure.

The city has again worked to relocate the Portland Farmers’ Market to Payson Park during the treatment.  Starting May 16, residents can visit the market in Payson Park.  The market will continue to operate out of Payson Park through June 12 (only 4 weeks this year, as opposed to 6 weeks last year).