Portland Issues RFP for Bike Share Program; Proposal Deadline June 16


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Portland is looking for companies interested in providing design, marketing, operation and maintenance of a bike share system in Portland.  The city anticipates the first year of the program being a provisional pilot period with possible extensions subsequent to agreement by both parties.  The expectation is that the selected provider would initiate a pilot no later than June 2022.

Proposals are due by Wednesday, June 16, 2021 at 3:00 pm.  Copies of the RFP are available contacting the city’s Purchasing Department via email at: ccleveland@portlandmaine.gov or by phone at 207 – 874-8654.

“Expanded ways for people to safely bike in Portland is consistently mentioned by residents as something they value and hope to see more of,” said Christine Grimado, the city’s Planning Urban Development Director.  “Having a bike share system in Portland will be a fantastic opportunity for us to increase affordable, healthy transit and recreation options for us all.”

The program area may encompass the entire city, but proposals may also define a smaller geographic and in which to propose an initial pilot program.  The number of bicycles comprising the bike share fleet during the initial pilot program year is to be proposed by the provider, subject to approval by the city.  Provisions for the addition of more fleet bicycles during the pilot period and subsequent years will be evaluated as the program progresses and may be allowed, at the discretion of the city, based on demonstrated utilization roles and provider compliance with an approved operations and maintenance plan.

The system’s configuration may be dockless, station-based or a combination/hybrid system.  Proposed fleets during the pilot period may consist of both non-electric and electric-assist bicycles.  Electric-assist bikes are strongly encouraged.  No electric-only bikes are permitted as part of this program.  No e-scooter share programs are allowed as part of the pilot period.  Bike share bicycles should be available on-demand 24 hours a day, seven days a week, through a range of membership options.

The selected provider will be responsible for all aspects of the bike share program, including system planning, any necessary permitting, design, equipment purchase, construction/installation, pre-launch and ongoing marketing, operations and maintenance, ongoing customer service, financial transaction and handling, dispute resoltuion, and evaluation and reporting.