Portland’s Proposed Director is an Unnecessary Waste of Financial Resources!


No Justice at Portland City Hall.

The city of Portland has decided, with its tin ear in tact, it needs a Director of Justice, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.  The successful candidate will act as advisor to the interim city manager on issues of diversity, equity and inclusive practices throughout the city of Portland, both within city government and throuighout the broader community according to a press release issued by the city. The non-union yearly salary for this position is from $103,560. to $127,368.  It requires a college degree.

In addition, the JDEI Director wiill perform professional and organizational duties related to formulating a culture and practice of diversity, equity and inclusion related to the delivery of city services and operations, as well as admnistrative policy.  Further, the Director will ensure organizational consistency in the application of JDEI-focused policies and practices. The position was posted on Friday, August 19 and applications are being accepted until the position is filled.

“Is this new position a public admission that the city manager works in an isolated, tone-deaf bubble as to what is in the best interests of Portland residents?” asks the munjoyhillnews.com.  “Maybe  city hall could avoid this unnecessary expense by looking at the past referendums that voters have passed without the city’s support.  The city might learn something from looking at  the ones that are on the November ballot without the city’s support as well.  That would be a good starting place,” said this blogger.  “Why don’t people want to work at the seriously understaffed city hall?  Some introspection by city  hall would be another good starting place.”

“What about correcting the well-known problems that exist in the city’s permittnig office?  It’s reputation for painfully slow approvals and other issues makes it a city department that n start-up business owners dread dealing with – that is so despite promises to streamline its services from the past city manager Jon Jennings. If city hall can’t fix that after many years and mulltiple studies on the problems there, , why would anyone believe in the sincereity of the new Director’s mandate?”

Over the fifteen years of the life of this blog, this blogger has spoken off the record to countless small business owners who  believe that the city of Portland does not want them in Portland.  That attitude has become wide-spread  because of the slowness and attitude of the city’s permitting department. Portland favors large corporations.  “Small, start-up businesses need not bother coming to Portland,” said one small bsiness owner recently to this blogger.  “We are not welcome here.”  Is that true, Portland?  That speaks to inclulsion.   Just keep raising fees to live here – even during a time of steep inflation.  Does interim city manager West nePortlaned a paid advisor to tell her that Portland once had the highest gas prices in the country?  Does interim city manager West need an advisor to tell her that rents in Portland are sky-high? So now is not the best time to raise parking fees and so many other fees..  It’s also not a good time to hire an advisor to tell her this.  This blogger who lives in Portland is contributing this information at no cost!  What a bargain!

Perhaps this hiring was motivated by the interim city manager’s mishandling of the recent removal of the popular food trucks on the Eastern Promenade to the parking lot off Cutter Street.  It’s this sort of unaccountable decision-making by the interim city manager that motivated the establishment of the Portland Charter Commission.

Start with the ‘low-hanging fruit’ and work your way up the tree, interim city manager.  Where’s the Justice in this new position?