City Approves Proposed School Budget; Goes to Voters on June 14 for OK


On Monday, May 16, the Portland City Council voted to approve in full the Portland Board of Public Education’s proposed $133,1 million FY 23 public school budge, turning down amendments to reduce it.  The budget will now go to city voters on June 14 according to a pres release issued by the Portland Public Schools office yesterday.

The theme of the budget for the 2022 – 2023 school year is:  :Keeping the focus on teaching and learning.”  Most council members said they agreed with the educational goals of the Board’s budget, which balances significant fiscal constraints including a $2.6 milllion reduction in state education aid.

“We are grateful for the city council’s and mayor’s support for this budget,” said Superintendent Xavier Botana.  “The FY 23 budget is a responsible one that maintains and maximizes the work we’ve started, whlle recognizing the economic reality that everyone is facing now with inflation at historic levels.  It will allow us not to backslide on our Portland Promise investments next school year and ensure that our teachers and staff are able to fully focus on teaching and learning. Our goal is to build our capacity to strengthen core instruction for all students and make our schools more safe and equitable,”

The budget proposal is up $6.6 million over this year’s FY 22 budget of $126.5 milllion.  It calls for a 4.1% increase in the school portion of the tax rate, reflecting a 5.2 % increase in expenditures.  The increase includes few new investments and mot of them have their own revenue sources that don’t increase the overall budget.

The budget requires an increased investment of $4.8 from local taxpayers.  To achieve that, itwould add 28 cents to the school portion of the city’s tax rate, for a total school tax rate of $7.05 per #1,000. valuation.  The school budget would increase the annual ax bill of the median family home in Portland (valued at $365,000) by $102.20, less than $9. per month.  the next and final step in the FY 23 budget process will be the budget referendum vote on June 14.  Budget details can be found on the district’s website.