Area Activists Call for Release of Mueller Report & Criticize Collins

Jackie McNeil Talking to Activists at Rally in Monument Square, Portland.

“..we rally today to DEMAND that Bill Barr and the Department of Justice release to us, the public, the full contents of the Mueller investigation and that they request permission from the federal courts to make grand jury information available to Congress,” said Jackie McNeil, a local historian. Her comments came at a rally at Monument Square this afternoon as part of a national rally demanding that AG William Barr release the entire Mueller report to Congress immediately – demanding that he follow protocols long ago established.

“The administration wants to hide this report. They want to defy the courts. They continue to separate families at the border. They shut down our government and try to divert funds from our miitary to pay for a stupid, useless wall. They subvert our national security by granting clearances to those who do not deserve our trust, by sending confidential information on WhatsApp, by allowing foreign nationals to sell access to the president at Mar-a-Lago,” she continued.

Some of the Activists at Todays’ Rally in Monument Square, Portland.

When McNeil’s comments turned to Senator Susan Collins (R), the crowd did not hesitate to let their feelings be known. Boos were loud and clear in the crowd. “You were sent there to represent US! We the people…..and all you have done is turn a blind eye to the transgressions and ineptitude of this administration while turning an intentionally deaf ear to all of us. “I’ll give you this — you’ve turned pearl-clutching into an art form while abdicating all the power you’re supposed to be using on our behalf.”

Activists Listen to Ms. McNeil at Today’s Rally.

Meanwhile, controversies continue to swirl around AG Barr’s misrepresentation of the facts in the report, his refusal to let the Congress receive an unredacted copy of it, the dissatisfaction of the Mueller team of attorneys with Barr’s interpretations and much more.

The rally today was hosted by Mainers for Accountable Leadership.

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