City Police Pursue Portland Man Leading to Arrest & !2 Criminal Charges


Benjamin Martineau, 34, of Portland was arrested and transported to the Cumberland County Jail this afternoon according to a press release issued late this afternoon by Brad Nadeau, Media & Community Relations Liaison for the Portland Police Department.  Martineau was charged with twelve (12) criminal charges at the time of arrest.

At 2:17 pm today, a Portland Police Officer saw a woman waving frantically for help out the passenger side window of a vehicle on Forest Avenue.  The Officer attempted to make a traffic stop, but the vehicle continued and a 20-minute pursuit ensured through Deering, in town and ultimately northbound on I-295.  Several officers pursued the car as the female appeared to open the passenger door of the moving vehicle.   An effort to stop the vehicle with a spike strip was made, but was unsuccessful due to heavy traffic.

Eventuallly, the car pulled over around mile-marker 12 and a high risk stop was initiated.

Portland Police are urging anyone who has any information that might be helpful in this case or any other case, to please call them at 207 – 874-8575.