Valentine’s Day Piano Blows Over Ending its City Hall Gig Early


Upright Valentine’s Day Pop-up Piano in Front of ‘city Hall Today Before it was Blown Over by Strong winds.

The Valentine’s Day Piano Aboard a City Truck for a Ride to a City Storage Facility – until Spring. That’s When it Will be a Pop-up in the Park.  Mr. Tater is on the Far Right in the Plaid Shirt.

The Valentine’s Day Piano is Sepaated from its Banner for Placement in the Truck and  Return to Rec Storage by Mr. Tater – Until Spring.

“We were going to leave it here in front of City Hall until tomorrow.  But I guess we won’t now,” said a laughing Keith Forest, a/k/a Tater around 1:45 pm today.  “Tater”, who grows potatos,  and several others from the city’s Recreation Department, were separating the bright red upright piano from a banner this afternoon after the piano had blown over in the strong winds.

The Valentine’s Day Piano was placed in front of city hall at 7:00 am by the city crew led by Mr. Tater.  Ethan Hipple, Director of Parks, Recreation and Facilities for Portland gave an impromptu concert for early birds in the area – a man of many talents!!.

But by early afternoon the predicted strong winds had become so strong that even this sturdy upright Valentine’s Day Piano could not withstand them The piano succumbed to the winds around 1:30 pm probably.

For the past 4 or 5 years this piano could be found popping up in city parks for the enjoyment of piano players and park audiences.This year will be no exception.

“I bet that banner on top of the piano was what caused it to fall over,” said one passer by.  “It acted like a sail on a boat – catching the wind and off she went.  Sort of.”

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  1. The perfect light story on Valentine’s Day amidst all the bad news we see and hear each day! Hats off to Mr Tater and to Carol for picking up on the story!

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