Police Seek Assistance Investigating Sexual Assault in Portland


Police Chief Michael Sauschuck Will be Available at Headquarters This Afternoon at 5:00 pm About Sexal Assault Case

By Carol McCracken  (Post # 1,431)

A 30 year-old woman was attacked when she returned to her car after jogging around Back Cove on Monday June 3rd around 10:20 am.  Her car was parked in the Preble Street lot.  After the woman got inside her car she realized a man was in the passenger seat.  She fought with him as the perpetrator sexually assaulted her.  She eventually was able to sound the car horn and the man left on foot.  He is decsribed as being white, heavy set and about 50 years old.  He is balding, had poor hygiene and may have tattoos on both forearms.  This according to a press release issued by the city’s spokesperson Nicole Clegg.

It is believed there were several other people in the parking lot that may have witnessed pat of the attack.  Anyone with information is asked to contact us. If you were in the area and particularly if you saw a man enter or exit the passenger side of a small red car, you are asked to call detectives immediately at 207-874-8575.

Police have begun increased patrols of this area.  Drivers are urged to always lock their car and take the keys with them as they use the trail.  When returning to your care always check inside before entering and be mindful of individuals in the area or approaching.

Police chief Michael Sauschuck wil be available at the police station for questions at 5:00 pm today.

Anonymous phone tips can be left on the Department’s Crime Tip line 207 874-8584.