Police Chief Clark Steps Down as of November 1, 2021 for Private Sector Job


Portland Police Chief Frank T. Clark, at a Recent Event at Congress Square Park.

Assistant Deputy of Portland Police Department is F. Heath Gorham Will Serve as the Acting Police Chief Effective November 2, 2021.

Portland Police Chief Frank Clark is stepping down as of November 1, 2021. to take a job in the private sector according to a press release issued by the city’s spokeswoman today.  Assistant Chief Heath Gorham has been designated to serve as Acting Chief as of November 2nd.

In a memo dated September 24, to city manager, Jon Jennings, Clark resigned effective November 1.  He has been offered an “unanticipated” job in the private sector as a director in the global corporation security field.

Clark, who has been in this position for only two years, succeeded Michael Sauschuck.  Sauschuck was reassigned to a position in Augusta.  Clark served as a lieutenant in the South Portland Police Department before his promotion as Portland Police Chief.

The man who  hired him, city manager Jon Jennings, is expected to relocate to Clearwater, Florida by November 1, 2021 where he has accepted a similar position.  Jennings had previously committed to staying in Portland until July of 2022 to assist with the pandemic in Portland.  However, his premature relocation does not signal that the Portland pandemic is over.  Right?

It may just mean that Jennings did not have an acceptable job offer until this one came along from Clearwater.

For more on Acting Portland Police Chief  Gorham, please visit post herein dated April 16, 2021.