Congresswoman Pingree Honored for Asylum Seeker Work Authorization Efforts by ILAP


Congresswoman Chellie Pingree (D-ME) (Far Left) Accepts an Award From ILAP for Her Work on behalf of Asylum Seekers in Maine

Tonight, Congresswoman Chellie Pingree (D-ME.) accepted the Immigrant Legal Advocacy Project’s (ILAP) 2023 Policy Seeker Award in recognition of her work and leadership in Congress to speed up asylum seeker work authorizations.  Pingree accepted the award in Portland late today where she dedicated the award to her Portland-based constituents’ services team.

“I’m incredibly honored to be given this award and I thank ILAP for supporting my Asulum Seeker Work Authorization Act.  I cannot accept this award without recognizing my incredible constituent’s services team:  Rona Sayed, Christina Starr, Darian Cole and Molly Doyle who work day in and day out  – behind the scenes helping new Mainers navigate the complexiies of our overcomplicated and budensome immigration system.  This award truly belongs to them,” said Pingree.

“The workforce shortage problems we have been experiencing so acutely are not unique to our state.  Across the country, asylum seekers are subject to lengthy work authorization waiting periods as businesses struggle to stay staffed and new Americans are left in limbo, barred by US law from earning a living.  My bipartisan bill would correct the counterinstructure work authorization process with a commonsense solution, giviing asylum seekers an opportunity to live a safe, fulfillig life while giving our economy the boost it so desparately needs.  I’m hopeful my colleagues in Congress will take up my bill, In the meantime I’m thankful organizations like ILAP are helping support asylum seekers in Maine,” Pingress concluded her remarks.