Pingree & Escobar Urge DHS to Shorten Wait Time for Work Authorizations for Asylum Applicants


US Representitive (D-Maine) is Up for Reelection on the November 8th Ballot.

Today, US Representatives Chellie Pingree (D-Maine) and Veronica Escobar (D-Texas) led a three page letter to Secretary of the Departmet of Homeland Security (DHS) Alejundro Mayorkas urging the agency to shorten the wait time for work authorizations for asylum applicants.

The letter, dated today, signed by nine additional members comes as border communities face an increase in migrant arrivals.

“Until Congress takes action on comprehensive immigrant reform, our best course of action is a multi-progned approach that can help us addess pressing economic needs and better manage the border which has overwhelmed agents for far too long, stressed communities and presented indignities to vulnerable migrants for decades,” wrote the lawmakers.

“We write to you today to urge the Department of DHS to consider issuing a rule to shorten the wait time for work authorizations for asylum applicants whose asylum claims have not been deemed frivolous, and who are not in detention, to THIRTY (30) days,” continued the lawmakers.  “This ask comes as the US faces labor shortages across many industries and on the heels of the misleading national spotlight being cast once again by extremists on immigrants arriving in the US-Mexico border.”

The lawmakers  added, “Issuing a rule to allow asylum seekers to apply for work authorization and shorten the wait time for eligibility to just THIRTY (30) days would allow applicants with credible claims, who are already on their way to establishing themselves in the US to more quickly be able to provide for themselves their families, which in turn builds community and helps address employee shortages across several key US industries.”

Nine other US Representative joined Pingree and Escobar in signing the letter to the Secretary of the DHS.