Pingree Applauds Biden for Protecting Abortion Access; VOTE!


President Joseph Biden Just Before Signing an Executive Order to Protect Abortion Access for the Country,. He Also Supports Ending the Filibuster to Benefit Abortion Legislation.

VOTE on Tuesday, November 8, 2022 for Pro-Choice Democrats., Your Vote Does Matter!

Janice Irvine, Holds A Sign That “Says it All.” at a Rally at Lincoln Park Earlier This Year.

Yesterday just past noon, President Joseph Biden signed an Executive Order into law to protect access to abortion for woman across the country.  He cited with particular disgust the case of a ten year old girl from Ohio who was raped and yet forced to seek an abortion to end this unwanted pregnancy out of state because of Ohio laws that prevent abortions in cases of rape or incest.  “A 10-year old should not be forced to give birth to a rapist’s child.  I can’t think of anything more extreme,” a stunned President said.

“Since a radical, partisan Supreme Court took away 50 years of established legal precedent with the stroke of a pen, conservative states have already begun to endanger women with outright abortion bans.  We knew this was coming – Republican extremists made their intention clear long ago and with the help of Donald Trump and his stacked Court, they finally succeeded in rolling back women’s rights.

“Yet while House Democrats did their job to codify Roe and uphold abortion access nationwide by passing the Women’s Health Protection Act, the Senate has been unable to enacdt this crucial legislation because of the outdated filibuster.  If they can waive the filibuster to raise the debt ceiling, they can waive it to protect abortion access.  In the meantime, Democratic governors like Maine’s Governor Mills and the President himself are using their executive power to defend ant protect reproductive freedom, ” Congresswoman Pingree concluded in her press release.

President Biden said that legislative action by the Congress is required to offset the limitations of his Executive Order. Currently Democrats do not have the required number of votes to do that.  He said that two more pro-choice senators and a pro-choise house to codify Roe are needed.  “Your vote can make that happen,” the President said.  He urged voters to vote on November 8th for pro-choice Democrats from the Roosevelt Room of the White House just after noon.