Peter Monro Dropped From Lawsuit Against City on Midtown Development

Peter Monro, co-founder of KeepPortlandLivable, Dropped from Lawsuit Against City Last Month.

Peter Monro, co-founder of KeepPortlandLivable, Dropped from Lawsuit Against City Last Month.

By Carol McCracken  (Post # 2,151)

Peter Monro, one of several plaintiffs in the lawsuit filed against the City of Portland earlier this year, was dropped from the case by Judge Thomas D. Warren early last month. The lawsuit was filed over plaintiffs objections to the proposed Midtown Development in the Bayside neighborhood.

The City of Portland issued the following statement in this high profile case:

“The Court dismissed Mr. Monro from the case for lack of standing a couple of weeks ago.  In doing so, the Court indicated that Mr. Monro could move to amend the Complaint in order to allege facts that would demonstrate sufficient standing.  Specifically, it said he would need to allege facts tending to show he suffered “particularized harm” from the approval of the project.  To our knowledge, there has been no effort yet to amend or to have Mr. Monro reinstated as a plaintiff in the case.”

According to Judge Thomas D. Warren’s opinion dated June 5, 2014, Mr Munro’s place of business is in the Bayside neighborhood (not his residence) and that alone is not enough to make him a plaintiff in the case.  The plaintiff’s attorney Sandra Guay has thirty days in which to file an amended complaint to return Mr. Monro to the lawsuit.  It is not known at this time whether or not it has been done.

A property abutter of the property Peter Quesada is one of the remaining plaintiffs in the case.

Mr. Monro, is a co-founder of the non-profit KeepPortlandLivable dedicated to promoting negative information about Midtown.  Monro together with Dennis Bailey, his public relations representative, co-authored a despicable news release comparing the City’s Planning Office’s recordkeeping  systems to Rosemary Woods, largely believed to have erased portions of the famous Nixon tapes during Watergate. Bailey is the author of the infamous on-line Cutler Files for which he appeared before the State’s Ethics Commission for possible campaign violations.   Bailey  is curently the public relations rep for Nova Star, the new cruise ship between Portland and Nova Scotia that is apparently struggling financially.

A telephone call to Mr. Monro’s attorney, Sandra Guay, has not been returned.