New PENINSULA Parking Ban on Tonight; Volunteers Busy Shoveling

Make Way for the Snow Plows on Munjoy Hill!

Make Way for the Snow Plows on Munjoy Hill!


Sledding Down the Eastern Promenade During the Snowstorm Today.

Sledding Down the Eastern Promenade During the Snowstorm


By Carol McCracken  (Post # 2,540)

A peninsula zone parking ban starts tonight at 10:00 pm and runs through tomorrow Tuesday, January 19, at 6:00 am according to the City’s spokesperson. Vehicles left on City streets after 10:00 pm tonight can be towed at the owner’s expense.

Even though today’s snow storm is only expected to bring 1 – 3 inches of snow, the City is implementing a ban to further clean up from the storrn on Saturday in which Portland received almost 4 inches of snow.

The peninsula zone covers the entire peninsula – the area south and east of 1-295 to the Portland waterfront, from Tukey’s Bridge to the 1-295 bridge at the Fore River.  “PNSL” on the time and temperature sign downtown stands for Peninsula – a new designation.

Nancy Conlan a Volunteer Shoveler for Those Needing Assistance.

Nancy Conlan a Volunteer Shoveler for Those Needing Assistance.

Todays snow storm and the one on Saturday have kept volunteer snow shovelers busy.  Nancy Conlan, 56, participates in the city’s newly adopted program replacing Joan Sheedy is an example.  As of this afternoon, she had shoveled out 10 or 11 narrow sidewalks and steps  for seniors who need assistance.  “There just aren’t enough shovelers,” she said. “These seniors can’t afford to hire anyone to do it. It’s not like it used to be when kids home from school would go around looking for people to help.  They don’t do that anymore.  It’s  hard to find people who are fit and strong enough to do it,” Conlan said.   She has her own cleaning service business.

The peninsula zone is a new parking ban option this year and this is the first time that the City is implementing it.  It is intended to improve snow removal operations in the East End, Munjoy Hill, Bayside, West End and Parkside neighborhoods, as opposed to the Yellow Zone which just covers the Old Port business district.

The city offers numerous free options for parking on the peninsula during a snow ban.  All vehicle owners must remove their vehicles from these designated areas listed below by 7:00 am (except for school lots, which are 6:30 am) the morning the ban is removed.  the city may tow, at the owner’s expense, any vehicle which has not been removed by the 7:00 am deadline.

Follows a partial list of parking places during tonight’s ban: Cutter Street lots (off the Eastern Prom), Beach St. lot accessible from Commercial Street after 8 pm; Eastern Promenade from Turner to East End Community School property light pole 33 (waterside); Marginal Way – Plowman to just before the entrance area to the East End Waste Water Treatment Plant, (waterside).

Vehicles must be out of these alternate parking lots by 7:00 am the morning the ban is listed.

Public Works Customer Service 874-8493 or Parking Ban Hotline 879-0300 for more details.