Maine Pedicab Garage Broken Into at Portland Yacht Services


By Carol McCracken  (Post # 1,489)

Early yesterday morning the Maine Pedicab garage was broken into at Portland Yacht Services on the Munday Hill waterfront.  Two of the popular cabs were  ridden down the waterfront path toward the East End Beach – on Fish Point – and abandoned on the rocks – according to Ivan Itchkawich, general manager of the Maine Pedicabs.

The wheels were removed and the spokes broken.  It will take us about a week to repair them and get them back in service said the manager.  In the meantime, Pedicabs will be short two cabs and several people at least won’t be able to work.  A wide range of violations were incurred.

The upcoming cruise ship season is the busiest season for the cabs, so the two retrieved cabs need to be in working condition for it.  “We provide a valuable service to some of the passengers on the cruise ships.  Sometimes they need to find a drug store or some other store and we can take them to it easily,” said Itchkawisch.

PDS has a camera surveillance system that captured the theft and police are currently reviewing it.

Police are investigating the matter.  If you have any information about the matter, please call them or get in touch with Ivan at:  207-430-7011 or