Peaks Island Teachers Jump in to Celebrate Opening of School Year


Renee Bourgoine-Serio, Principal, of Peaks Island Elementary School, After Her Jump This Afternoon.

PIES Teachers Jumping Into Portland Harbor This Afternoon: COLD!

PIES Teachers Pose for a Photo Op Following Their Jump in Portland Harbor This Afternoon.

“Kids do it all the time.  We wanted to show them we can take risks too.  We are a small and close team and that’s why we did it all together,” said Renee Bourgoine-Serio, principal of the Peaks Island Elementary School this afternoon, (PIES).  “It’s easier to do hard things together,” she said.

Serio was referring to the 3rd annual jump from a pier off Peaks Island this afternoon by teachers and other staff from the three room school house on Peaks built in 1863.  Just after 3:15 the group standing together on the edge of a pier jumped together to make the point that Serio wanted made.  A number of students from PIES watched as their teachers made the leap.  “It’s cold, but good,” was the collective verdict as they climbed up the long ladder on the side of the dock.

For years, students graduating from PIES have plunged into the water on the last day of school in June.  Annika Asbjornsen, 11, was one of those students.  “It was cold, but I’m used to it because I jump in all summer,” she said.  Annika was filming the jump for Channel 6 to air in Portland on the evening news – with her dad giving occasional suggestions!  But this leap is a new tradition initiated by Serio when she became principal three years ago.

The names of those in the below photo and in no particular order are: Ellen Mahoney, Kathy Mitchell, Kelly Mascolo, Savanah Mirsola and Zoe Ryan-Humphrey.  Renee Bourgoine-Serio, principal, is at the far right in the photo.

Good Job, Ladies!