State’s Parole Office Tries Again On Washington Avenue – Perhaps In March


By Carol McCracken

Here we go again! Mamma Mia!

For the last several weeks neighbors on Washington Avenue have noticed increased activity around the former “3Gs building” on Washington Avenue. The building which has been vacant for some years now has fallen into even more severe disrepair than it was when the former car repair shop was there. Employees of Peter Adams have been cleaning out the filthy interior of the building with the expectation that the Parole Office will be moving its downtown Congress Street office into this location sometime this spring – maybe as early as March.

Peter Adams, Portland, whose local “building” business is doing the desperately needed rehab for A&M Partners on the former garage said when the currently super grungy building is completed “it will look brand new.” He also told MHN that he prefers that the name A&M Partners be used because when his name is used OSHA comes knocking on his door “with big fines for safety violations.” He refused to say why that happens. (A&M Partners on Exchange Street own the building.) A&M Partners did not return a phone call placed to them on the subject.l

The issue of the State’s moving its downtown Parole Office to Munjoy Hill was a controversial issue for some residents of the Hill in the recent past; some favored the move and others did not.

Mamma Mia! Here we go again!