Otto’s Adding Child Friendly Dining Room to Downtown Portland Shop Late Next Month


Anthony Allen, Co-owner of Otto’s.

By Carol McCracken  (Post # 1,219)

The popular Otto’s is adding a child friendly dining room to its downtown Portland pizza shop Anthony Allen said this afternoon.  Allen, a co-owner of the chain said, the new dining room will seat 40 people and have a bar for beer and wine.  But, it will be different from their Enzo room because this will be more child friendly.  There will be a number of booths for family seating. The new dining room is expected to open sometime between mid-October and the end of the month. The location is at 574 Congress Street.

Allen and his business partner have been aware of this need because of the increased child traffic due to the proximity of two museums and Portland Stage on Forest Avenue.  Otto’s will be moving into  the space formerly occupied by Wild Burritos.

Currently the chain is composed of five shops plus the delivery shack at the corner of Washington Avenue and Cumberland Avenue at the bottom of the Hill.  “We are going to hunker down for a while now.  We just want to make sure we are making the best pizza we can,” Allen said.  There are several new varities of pizza on the drawing board, but he would not elaborate on them. Currently there are 28 varities which are rotated.  The pizza is known  for its thin crust as well as well as its unique combinations.


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