Opening of Munjoy Hill Moss Galleries Features Monhegan Abstract Artist


One of Ten Works of Deceased Artist Lynn Drexler to be Featured at New Moss Gallery, 100 Fore Street, Munjoy Hill.  It is Part of the WEX Complex That Includes The Roux Institute.

A Mixed Media Painting by Deceased Abstract Artist Michael Mulhern at the Falmouth Moss Galleries, at the Falmouth Shopping Center.  Cost is $58,000.00.

Lauren Donovan, Gallerist, for Moss Galleries, Falmouth. is An Artist, Who Graduated  from Portland’s MECA.  She’s a Resident of Munjoy Hill.

Lynn Mapp Drexler, a prominent abstract painter, will be featured at the opening of the  Elizabeth Moss Galleries, on Munjoy Hill next month.

The original Moss Galleries is located in the Falmouth Shopping Center, Route 1, Falmouth.  Recently, Elizabeth Moss announced her plans to expand her art gallery business onto 100 Fore Street, on Munjoy Hill, with an opening date in October 2021.

Ten paintings of artist Drexler will be at the opening of the Moss Galleries next month according to Lauren Donovan, gallerist.  Other paintings to be part of the opening show are yet to be determined.

Drexler was a “represential landscape” and “abstract expressionsim” artist who died on Monhegan Island in 1999 at the age of 71.  Born in Virginia, her work emphasized color and composition.  She was an admirer of Henri Matisse. An inspiration for her work came from classical music and opera.

Meanwhile, Moss Galleries is hosting a Commemorative 20th Anniversary show for 9/11 with 20 paintings of the also deceased Abstract Painter Michael the Falmouth Gallery:  A Phoenix from the Ashes.

Mulhern’s studio apartment was near the Twin Towers in Manhattan.  He was working there the morning of the 9/11 attack and saw the planes strike the buildings.  The windows of his studio were shattered and it was filled with smoke and debris from the attack.  He escaped, but returned weeks later.  He salvaged 150 canvasses and tried to remove the dust and ash from his paintings.  He was not entirely successful at that effort.  The chaos from the attack became an inspiration for additional paintings of his.

In his later years, Mulhern moved to Falmouth to be closer to family members. Following his death in 2012 at the age of 72, Elizabeth Moss and a painter discovered them in a storage unit in Maine.  Many of these paintings had never been seen until now.  The show runs until October 23, 2021.

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