‘NY Times’ Calls Out Collins on Vote to Acquit Trump


“Pick the worst moment of the Senate impeachment hearings:” begins the column of Gail Collins, (GC), in today’s New York Times. in the op-ed page.  The columnist offers three choices to her readers.  Unfortunately for Mainers,  the moment she picked is the Senator Collins’  statement that she voted to acquit Trump because he’s “learned from this case.”

Haha to further quote the columnist Gail Collins.

The column continues that the Senator made a “splash” by voting in favor of calling witnesses during the Senate’s impeachment trial.”    That is a strategy that Mainers have grown to resent each time she uses it.   It was safe for her to request because she and we knew that Mosco Mitch would never permit any witnesses to testify.  The possibilities were too scary. We know what to expect.  Everyone knows what to expect now.  Even her biggest pr firm, the Republican Press Herald, has called her out on that behavior on its editorial page not long ago.  Columnist Paul Krugman of The New York Times called her a “fake moderate” in his column on February 3.  When will the rest of the national press stop referring to her as a moderate as well?

Senator Collins is an embarrassment to this State.  Remove her from office this November so she will be forced to stop insulting our intelligence and defaming the State of Maine.

No More No Show!

Please see previous post herein for more background information on Senator Collins vote to acquit Trump.