NRCM Hosts Portland Meeting: “Stop the Madness” – The Attack on Maine’s Environment; 4/27


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By Carol McCracken  (Post # 746)

The Natural Resources Council of Maine is hosting an informational meeting on Wednesday, April 27 at One Longfellow Square in downtown Portland.  The event, “Stop the Madness,” will run from 7 pm on.  It will beging with refreshments and entertainment and at 7:30 pm evolve into a discussion.

Lisa Pohlman, new executive director and Pete Didisheim, advocacy director of the NRCM, will provide attendees with an inside view of the non-profits efforts to “stop the madness.”  The focus will be on the issues, the lobbying forces, the LePage Administration’s strategy and how we are working to defeat as many of the rollback bills as we possibly can.

This is a uniquely local opportunity to learn from the experts about how the LePage administration is working to weaken the bottle bill, abolish the land use regulations commission and much more.

Space is limited and so, please register online today at or call Todd Martin at 207 – 430-0115.