Non-profit Forms to Stop Midtown Housing in Bayside


By Carol McCracken  (Post # 1,533)

A non-profit  has been formed by Peter Monro and Tim Paradis to stop the development of projects that are out of “scale, out of character and a bad deal for Portland” according to a press release issued by the two yesterday.  The name of the group, Keep Portland Livable, was formed to combat huge developments that the pair say are coming to Portland sooner rather than later.

The pair have targeted the Midtown Project, originally known as Maritime Landing, largely because of its massive size. The Federated Companies has proposed four 14-story towers and parking garages that opponents say ruin the skyline and  make the area an unwalkable neighborhood according to opponents of the development.   Opponents also claim that the approval of this project will “open the door to bad development throughout Portland.”

Monro and Paradis have attended most planning board meetings on the proposal often with their attorney, Sandra Guay, Esq.  It is not clear whether or not she is involved with this non-profit.