No Mayoral Candidate Wins Outright in 2023 Portland Race ’cause There are No Good Candidates


Bull Dog Mark Dion, City Councilor, Has the Edge in the Current Mayoral 2023 Race.  “An Ineffectie Councilor Does Not Make a Good Mayor.”

“Because no candidate for Mayor received more than 50% total votes, ranked choice voting tabulation will be held to determine the outome of the Mayoral rave.  It will take plae on Wednesday, November 8 at 10:00 am in the State of Maine room at city hall.

This will be open for anyone from the media, public and candidates that wants to witness the ranking as it happens,” said city spokeswoman Jessica Grondin.  This press release from the city came just moments before midnight on Tuesday, November 7, as announced previously.

“The reason Portland voters did not give any of the competing candidates for Mayor a clear majorioty, is because there re no good choices for Mayor.  How can you vote for someone you don’t think wouild be a good Mayor?” asied the  “An ineffective city councilor will not make a good Mayor.”