New Freeport Art Gallery Answers A Need for Artists’ Exhibit Space


A New Art Gallery, 40 Main Street, Freeport, is One Answer to the Need for Gallery Space in Southern Maine Say its Founders.

Artists Nicole Nappi, Linda Rowell-Kelley With Nancy Salmon, Board President. In Front of Them is an Oil in the Show by Kelley “Brown Eyes” Selling for $1,200.

Artist/Curator Janice L. Moore Stands in Front of Her Painting – “River Road Bend,” a Former Fish Factory Repurposed to an Apartment Building in Nova Scotia, Her Home.  It’s For Sale at Meetinghouse Arts.

The June establishment of the Meetinghouse Arts Gallery  is but one answer to the need for exhibit space said artist/curator Janice L. Moore earlier this month.  It’s no secret that artists in southern Maine have been looking for gallery space for years. “There is an abundance of really talented artists in this area,” she said when she was taking her turn voluntering at the Meetinghouse Arts Gallery, 40 Main Street, Freeport.

“I think every opportunity for more galleries is crucial to keep a community vibrant and alive.  Art brings us together as a community.  Freeport has been doing a great job beyond retail businesses,” said Moore a representative oil artist. Her interest is in painting industrial landscapes that have been abandoned and repurposed.  (See below right photo).

It’s curious that most, but not all, of the exhibiting artists at Meetinghouse are women.  Nancy Salmon, President of the Board, and the retired Assistant Director of the Bates Dance Festival, said she does not know why that is so.  Maybe it’s because women did the organizing  to get this light, bright and attractive space up and running she offers. “Historically there has been an inequity here, but there has been a cultural change to amend that.  So, we have more perspectives then the white male  only,” she said.

Nicole Nappi, an artist, teacher and board member (Nicole’s Art Room) with paintings on exhibit at the current exhibit noted that most of the women showing their work were at least fifty years old. That’s because many women have to delay their careers in order to care for young children..”They aren’t free to pursue careers much as men are until they are empty nesters,” she said.

This year round gem of a Gallery was the result of two years of surveys with residents of Freeport and numerous meetings said Salmon.  The community was clear that it wanted a space for the arts and culture in downtown Freeport.  It’s located on the first floor of the Congregational Church.  It shares that first floor space with a theater group that recently presented ‘MY WITCH” – the one woman show that depicted the life of actress Margaret Hamilton.  Hamilton was the witch in the classic “The Wizard of Oz.”

It’s Holiday Show begins on November 22 and runs through December 30..It will feature glass works, sculptures and much more.  Just in time for gift gifting!

(MHN.COM is mindful that the “Collnis Press Herald” has three art critics; all three are men.  Are there no women around qualified to do men’s work?)